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 Video Production​

       We’ll help get you there:

         • Targeted Video Marketing

         • Brand Your Business

         • Tell Your Story

         • Strategic Video Commercials

Our Portfolio: Excellence Through Detail

Inspired Film Production

Strategic, Excellent, Engaging...

  • Simple: You talk straight to the director.  No middle man.
  • Custom:  Custom branding takes you to the next level.
  • Quality Film:   We’ll create a video that you can be proud of.
  • Strategic:  We craft tailored video marketing plans for your success.
  • Efficient:  Productions that are on time with the best ROI.

The 4 FAILURES of Video Marketing

  1. Cheesy = Brand Suicide: How many times have you seen that cheesy commercial from a local business? It drives away customers. Be careful who you hire to represent you! 

2. Videos Without Strategy: Without a clear marketing strategy you lose money. Beware of videographers without marketing expertise. Don’t entertain. Make clients.

  3. A lack of Authenticity: It’s easy to spot a fake. Stay genuine.

       4. Vanity Metrics: It’s not about likes or views. It’s about customers.

Don’t risk wasting your time and money.

We create the vidoes with impact.


Marketing Services

Passion Branding

Are you branding by default? Video is the best way to

express your brand message and immerse a customer in

your story. Click the button to the right to start a

conversation with our film director.​

Video Marketing Campaigns

We are a marketing company first. That means we make

videos to target new customers and increase purchases

from old customers. Talk to our marketing consultant for

strategic ideas on how to succeed with video.

TV & Internet Commercials

Wow... there are so many bad commercials out there!

Contact us if youwant high quality videos and commercials

that aren’t cheesy.

Trailer and Feature Length Production

We are passionate about seeing stories brought to the

big screen.  Let us get behind your vision and bring your

ideas to life! From KickStarter Campaigns to Film

Festivals, we have you covered.​


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Free consulting session with the experts

at Underdog Marketing.

  • Video Marketing Strategy - Know your options
  • Director Consultation - Share your vision with our director. He'll tell you how to get there.

Read Testimonials

The final product showed a real commitment to excellence in storytelling. Jake has the ability to capture the essence of your business along with achieving the utility necessary for advertising.

Co-owner at Wendy's Kitchen

The quality of how our art is interpreted increased. It’s not easy to capture the beauty of our art but Jake used his personal touch and brought it to life. I highly recommend him.

General Manager at Mary Hong’s Art Gallery

Jake has this incredible balance between achieving excellence and still being able to invest in the people around him. He has a great sense of creativity coupled with a practicality that gets job done. His commitment and passion not only makes his films great, it makes the process enjoyable for those he’s working for.

Worship Pastor at Destiny Worship Center, PCB

Great turn key process! I could just rely on his skills and didn’t have to do much. Great price too. He’s not going to over produce the video beyond what you need.

Property Manager at Real Joy Vacations

In event filming you only have one chance to get it right. Jake gets you exactly what you need the first time around. He follows the lead creative vision and doesn’t divert. I can count on him.

Owner of JK Films