My name is Joseph Terndrup. I’m the director of marketing at UndgLife.com also known as Underdog Marketing.
First, let me tell you what we believe in. Then I’ll tell you a little more about us.
The Underdog Spirit
We believe in the Underdog.
For all the day-dreaming business-philes who envision their great moment of impact, and reach for victory at the cost of endless hours, sweat, and pain…
We believe in you.
The decks are stacked against you. Large corporations lobby the government to crush the underdog, while small businesses fall all around us like hordes in battle.
Even though the storm keeps raging its fury, you stand unrelenting.

We believe in you. 

Our Goal
Our goal is simple: To help you achieve your purpose, gain freedom, and leave a legacy.
We accomplish this by bringing together experts who specialize in digital marketing, business growth, and custom online sales funnels. 
Marketing is the science of building dreams, and I’m a dedicated scientist.
Our Guarantee
To take this one step further, we guarantee our work with a money-back offer.
If you’re not happy with what we do for you, then we offer a 90 day money back guarantee. We’ll refund the profit we made on your project if you’re not happy with the results.
Although we can’t pay back the expenses we’ve incurred, why should we make money if you don’t?
That means you’ll usually get 10%-20% of the total contracted amount back in your pocket (Read More Here).
Our Experience
At Underdog Marketing we have a team of the best marketers, designers, and developers you’ll find anywhere with a combined 32 years of experience. We have marketers with specialties in Adwords, Facebook Advertising, YouTube Advertising, custom sales funnel design, website development, digital marketing, and more.
I, Joseph Terndurp, am our director of marketing and founder. 
As an ex-officer in the United States military, I bring the same leadership and discipline that I learned in the Air Force to your business. I’ve been building businesses, developing custom sales funnels, and building websites for the past 10 years (although only full-time for the past few years).
I’ve served as the main business consultant/entrepreneurial agent in 6 business start-ups with numerous partnership formations. I’ve also worked with two businesses developing a partnership/franchise business model to increase the growth of their core business.
I have over two years of experience in recruiting investors, developing partnership agreements, and managing an investor group of 11+ investors. I also serve as the investment manager for a real estate investment firm (handling auditing, investor management, partnership negotiations, all investor communications …etc.).
I helped them go from a start-up to an established business and walked them through a custom partnership agreement, business planning and much more. 
Our Location
My team is a networked group of individuals all over the United States, and across the world. 
We’re headquartered in Fort Worth, Tx. However, we serve clients all across the country. We like to think of ourselves as being headquartered online since we have such a wide breadth of locations.
Please contact us here, to learn more about our products or services and get started building your dream business.